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Apr 21, at 7: But it makes console input a bit annoying. Now to answer your question: I can send messages to the server. ColWhi 1, 6 Thursday, April 17, 1: OK so here's what I'm thinking for the server side: I just want to emphasize that I am a beginner and i really need his to be simple, or if there is no way to do that a explanation that covers essentially everything. But it's generally cleaner than the alternatives in this case. So basically I had:

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  • In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate a simple Linux socket program that uses sockets to create a chat between a client and server.

    images c++ chat room tutorial

    Essentially, this program will be a mock instant messaging program that will communicate over TCP using sockets. Should either the client or server. In this tutorial we'll learn how to write a client for a feature limited chat server in C++ using the Boost libraries. The codebase for this tutorial is a. But just to answer your question I'd recommend you check my tutorial about creating multi-threaded servers(do a search in the tutorial section).
    But what I can't figure out, how can I let the server act also as a client to send messages to the client while he is processing received messages from the client?

    c++ server client chat Stack Overflow

    So basically I had: Active sockets are pretty much made after you have accepted a connection iirc 2. Code for receiving messages: These are made to send directly to the console window the "host" window and recieve from there. Apr 24, at 3: It's generally better to avoid macros if you can, but a define would work as well as const would in this case.

    images c++ chat room tutorial
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    You could then have the host client use that data and send it to everyone.

    windows simple chat program C++ Forum

    Now to answer your question: Yes, I made the Client structs, but instead of making a bool populated, I made a vector of Clients and had the host thread iterate through it. I get it in theory, only one socket per port can accept incoming connections, but you have many active and connected sockets per port as well as the active one.

    Apr 22, at One socket accepting connections and responding with new socket information for further communication?

    I made a simple chat program using a console window where you Thread: C++ Simple Chat Program In a Console Window (Winsock & Multithreading) .

    images c++ chat room tutorial

    My Contributions: Massive DirectX 2D Tutorials For VB5/VB6/VB. has a policy by which we prefer to see a good faith effort on your part before providing source code for homework assignments. How to start a chat program: if you want to get started. Although, I am aware that there are many other tutorials out there of higher quality.
    If you want to keep going your direction, you would probably have to make a new thread that recieves for each one of your client threads you could put that in your client thread after it recieves a connection and then have the recieving thread put the data somewhere perferably a vector of some sort, then you won't have to worry about out of bounds access.

    Simple C++ chat program

    Apr 21, at 9: Anyway, I defined my client s as this class: That might require some wierd address resolution stuff, Maybe I'm making this harder than it's supposed to be. Remove From My Forums. How do you identify which window each is communicating with? You would probably have to open another socket.

    images c++ chat room tutorial
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    Last edited on Apr 24, at 7: You must use recv recieves data from the socketwhich is a blocking function By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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    Anyway, I defined my client s as this class: Are the people on the same computer? Forum Windows Programming windows simple chat program. Apr 23, at 6:

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