images apps for women s safety

The app also offers the emergency message feature for distress situations. In addition, the app also shares the safety places nearby that the user can go to in case of emergency. As most of the females nowadays carry their smartphone with themselves, so it is necessary to have at least one these below-mentioned app installed. Dowload for Android Download for iOS. Download from Google Play - Android. CitizenCOP is a location based safety app. Chilla allows the users to activate the SOS message by screaming loudly. Secure Her is one of the best women safety apps, if you live in a deserted place away from family and friends.

  • Best women safety apps in India for Android and iOS TechRadar
  • 10 Best Women Safety Apps For Women With Smartphones
  • 10 Best Women Safety Apps For Women With Smartphones

  • Here are the 10 best women safety apps that you should know about and must install one of these apps to ensure your safety.

    Best women safety apps in India for Android and iOS TechRadar

    Explore more. There are various safety apps present on the play store designed for the protection and security of women. Therefore on this International. Here are some of the apps designed to overcome crime against women.

    These are available on both Android and iOS.
    This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat The governments are in a constant loop of internet surveillance and data logging.

    Its 24x7 call center promises to assist the user during the emergency situation. Stay Secure sends the alert message to the five saved emergency contacts on pressing the power buttons 5 times.

    10 Best Women Safety Apps For Women With Smartphones

    When used, this feature sends a pre-recorded message to five chosen contacts and to the Inspector, ACP, DCP, and Mobile Patrolling vans of the concerned area based on the location of the user. Safetipin serves the basic functions like tracking the GPS location constantly and adding emergency numbers to one-touch alert message service. Stay Secure is another safety option for women.

    images apps for women s safety
    It can be done in order to test our brain or reflexes.

    images apps for women s safety

    The location tracking is the most requisite action to ensure the safety of women, Watch Over Me App does it efficiently. For using the app, the user has to download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

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    Safetipin is available in Hindi, English, Bahasa and Spanish languages. Apart from location details, the message also comprises of the name, address and the phone number of the user.

    We have here a list of 10 apps built with personal safety for women in mind, made for Android. Most of these apps are free; a few have paid.

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    It used to work like this: When I had to walk through a shady parking lot or investigate a late night thump in the house, I'd dial on my brick of. This adage seems very apt to describe the unsafe environment faced by women in India today.

    images apps for women s safety

    Here are top 5 Apps For Women's Safety that.
    Updated on March 16, By safer decisions we mean, it allows the user to take the safest route to reach their destination on the basis of the safety score of the area. Secure Her also responds the distress message with a call to make sure that the required help reaches to the user on time.

    No doubt, the government is working on reducing the crimes cases surrounding women and has taken several steps to overcome that, but when it comes to implementation, it takes years in properly establishing these measures. Dowload for Android Download for iOS.

    Smart 24X7 is another women safety app that serves the prime features of getting help in problematic situations. In the yearDelhi UT has reported the highest crime rate of

    images apps for women s safety
    Apps for women s safety
    Another aspect of safety is to get a reliable and trustworthy transportation while traveling alone.

    10 Best Women Safety Apps For Women With Smartphones

    The mobile gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the most powerful sectors that are growing with blazing speed. Clinical research associate [1] at BGS Global Hospital[ citation needed ] Denet Pradeep, was of the opinion in early that such apps are ineffective without modification.

    VithU is an emergency app that starts sending the alert messages to the designated receivers or guardians of the user in every two minutes at the click of the power button two times consecutively.

    There are a bunch of Android games available on Playstore whi.

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